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We are Cleaners! To be of Service is Gratifying. We Say, We Do.

CLEANING is a broad subject, Cervantes Cleaning Army provides PERSONALIZED cleaning service. When you give us the opportunity of an interview, we will attentively listen about your cleaning needs.

An immaculately clean kitchen.

If your disorganized place is giving you a sense of carrying a load over your shoulders...


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Basic House Cleaning

KITCHEN: Clean and polish stove & hood outside, refrigerator outside, microwave inside and outside, dishwasher outside, sink, counter tops, dust small appliances (toaster, can opener etc), sweep and mop floor.

BATHROOMS: Shower, tub, toilet, sink, counter, cabinet door sills, mirrors, light fixtures, floor.

LIVING ROOM / DINING ROOM / FAMILY ROOM / BEDROOMS: Dust furniture, vacuum couches, dust pictures, ( We can change your sheets and make your bed if requested.)

LAUNDRY ROOM:Outside of Washer and dryer, floors.

We also offer House Opening Cleaning for Winter Visitors!

Deep House Cleaning

Most of our clients
start with a Deep Cleaning.

Includes Basic house cleaning plus:
Windows inside, window tracks, blinds, fans, light fixtures, light switches, doors, closet doors, cabinets outside, baseboards, spot clean and dust walls, remove any cob webs.

Remove any cob webs and/or debris around the window, Wash windows inside and outside, wash screens, vacuum window tracks (We may be able to remove calcium buildup of windows due to sprinkler damage.)

Cleaner finding hidden dirt under a rug.
Someone cleaning the tops of the blades of a ceiling fan.
Cleaner using a steam mop to clean under furniture that's been moved to expose hidden dirt.
Top of a counter being wiped down by a gloved hand using a towel.
A cleaner wearing a mask and using a brush to clean individual slats in a window blind.

Consistent Pricing with Flexible solutions.

Our pricing is based on the needs of each home or office. We provide personalized packages that meet our clients' needs.
Furthermore, we are flexible and can accommodate special requests during our follow up visits.
This approach offers consistent pricing with flexible solutions.

If your dream career is very important and you don't have time for cleaning....


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A spotlessly clean dining room.


Cervantes Cleaning Army was founded in 2018 by Rosa Cervantes who dreamed of giving other women a job with flexible schedules. As founder, I believe that a mom's presence is crucial in the well being and development of children. Our cleaning soldiers mean: Service, discipline, commitment. Light or Heavy, easy or difficult, out of the ordinary. Lets Do It!!

If you want to enjoy your days off NOT CLEANING after long hours at work


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"Rosa and her cleaning team are outstanding. They are conscientious about their cleaning work and estimates and give a fair price. We use their services regularly and appreciate how quick they reply to our requests. Thank you so much Rosa!"

"Cervantes Cleaning Army is affordable, thorough and offers a variety of services that fit within the scope of all budgets."

"First, they cleaned our mobile to get it ready to sell. They were there at 5:30 am to start on the windows to avoid streaking. They are so very thorough we asked them to deep clean our new house. We received a very professional estimate and even though they spent more time, the price was not raised from the estimate. It was the best cleaning job I have ever had in one of my homes. I am very pleased that they will be back! Now that the house is deep cleaned they will help maintain it since it’s not something I’m able to do on my own. Very conscientious, professional, and pleasant."

We are CLEANERS! If your statement is: I AM “NOT” A CLEANER but I want to enjoy a tidy place...


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